Welcome to Dermadonna Custom Tattoos!

We are hosting an eclectic and professional group of artists, our speciality is custom tattooing in all styles, cover up and repair work. Known as the place full of talent since 1999, we turn your ideas into reality. Challenges are what we thrive on.

Feel free to drop by the shop, check out portfolio’s and ask any questions you might have.

Walk ins are Welcome

Dermadonna Custom Tattoos Kloveniersburgwal 34 1012 CW Amsterdam

+31(0)20 7736614

A Colourful Collective

 is looking for resident artist for a permanent position.

Established in 1999,located in the busy centre of Amsterdam,the shops clientele is mature and mostly interested in larger work.

We also get a fair amount of restorative work, cover-ups and walk in customers.
Success at this shop is tied to professional customer care.
The ideal candidate is hygienic,responsible, capable of working independently,
has minimum 5 years of shop experience and a base clientele.
We would like to see an extensive portfolio of quality work.
Due to regulations a european passport is required.
Do you have your life together, still have personal goals and are you interest in growth?
Send us your application to;
dermadonnatattoo@yahoo.com or call 0207736614
to set up a meeting.

This position is not suited for apprentices or socially unskilled egocentrics.
Dermadonna Custom Tattoos Kloveniersburgwal 34 1012 CW Amsterdam +31(0)20 7736614

Bringing Ideas to Life
Meet our artists, browse the galleries and choose the artist that suits you. we are all versatile in style and enjoy working with you to create the desired new piece of art.

How to book with us

We are a buzzing studio that works with clients of 18 years and older.Walk in clients are always welcome, for larger work scheduling is important. To book with us, please use the contact form on the individual artists page. Send a brief description of subject matter and an indication of size and placement on the body and preferences regarding colour or grey work. For clients travelling to Amsterdam, please present us the dates that you will be visiting. Bookings are only made with a deposit that is non refundable but included into the total cost of your tattoo.

Dermadonna Custom Tattoos Kloveniersburgwal 34 1012 CW Amsterdam
+31(0)20 7736614

Established 1999